Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For those who have not discovered this you can see all the photos steve and I have posted so far by clicking on the photos on the left column. The most recent ones are at the top and all previous albums are at the bottom. Check it out now to see photos Steve took in Arriaga of migrants starting their journey on the freight trains.


Jack and Cindy Ippel said...

the picture of the rainbow over all the people on top of the train car is great! I don't understand...I thought everybody would be sneaking onto the trains...this doesn't look like sneaking to me...explain please

nate said...

We were actually quite suprised as well. We will write more in detail when we post about Arriaga but it turns out the only people that give migrants trouble around the town are immigration officers and they do not have a post here.
The local police do not seem to mind and neither do the railroad workers so long as the migrants do not get in the way of thier work.

We had a few potential answers for this and we will try to track down if they are right

First, so long as Arriaga is known as a 'safe place' immigration officers know people will be heading there and can catch them on the way. As soon as it loses that designation it would be harder to predict where people are going.

Second, it is extremely dangerous to try catch a train while it is moving. Mabie for the sake of lives saved they allow migrants to get on the train while it is standing still.

Again we have no hard answers but we will try find out.