Friday, April 11, 2008

Let the Talking Begin!

The idea for this blog started a year ago at a small school house in Cofradia, Honduras. Our International Development class listened to a lady named Merary tell the story of how she made it to the United States. As the miles of train rides and constant threats rolled out in front of us, it left our class stunned. The 'issue of immigration' we had vaguely been familiar with just took on a face. Dealing with immigration could never be the same again.
After that day Steve Eaton and I decided more people had to learn about immigration on a more personal level or else we risked ignoring the most vulnerable among us. We don't just want to talk about immigration in the U.S. we want to engage it listen to it and experience it so that we know how best to fix our dysfunctional immigration policy.
To that end and Steve and I will be traveling from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Tucson, Arizona starting May 8th. This blog will serve both as our journal of what we encounter along the way and as a place for discussion and learning for those engaging immigration issues in the U.S.
We invite you no matter what your political leanings to weigh in on what you see and hear on this blog. All we ask is that you keep your rhetoric respectful and insightful so we can learn together how we may best effect change.

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Steve and Nate,

Your vision and love of others inspires me.